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Male to Female

Transitioning from a male to a female can be a long and emotional process involving several physiological and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired feminine appearance. Hair removal is often a major concern for those going through the transition to become women. While there are several different ways to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is one of the most permanent and effective options.

If you are a MTF (male-to-female) transitioning individual, you are most likely considering, or already experimenting with different hair removal methods.

Chances are, laser hair removal is already on your radar. But with conflicting information on the web, it can be difficult to know what is best for you. The reason many trans individuals find themselves disappointed after Laser Hair Removal is because they are promised a miracle solution. However, laser hair removal is not permanent. Rather, it greatly reduces hair for prolonged periods of time. Nearly everyone who undergoes laser hair reduction experiences a few hairs that grow back after time, but the hairs are thinner and lighter and the skin is far smoother.  

Laser hair removal makes the transition to softer, hairless, more feminine skin easy for male to female transitioning individuals. At Laser Hair Solutions, we have worked with many transgender clients and guarantee a professional and personal experience.

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